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Metal Shears

Attachments TYPE 1

up to 1,3 mm steel

These attachments are tools with many professional refinements, because the home handyman deserves the same efficient working aids as the trained craftsman. He too, should profit from the experience gained.

It is a indispensable tool for any metalworker, who has to cut metal occasional, without any deforming to surface and need of no after-work due to the double cutting system.

Knives and side knives can be reground.

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  • ideal for installations, air conditioning, ducting, aircraft manufacturing.
  • a DO IT YOURSELF tool with many professional refinements
  • assembling and removing attachment from electric, pneumatic or cordless drill is easy and simple
  • for use with all European and foreign electric drills as: Bosch, Fein, AEG, Metabo, Hitachi, Makita, Skil with eurocollar 43 mm
  • same as the DRÄCO S1001N-1, only without a motor.

Also available:

  • electrical, 115 or 230 Volt motor, type S1001N-1
  • pneumatic, type 1913
  • cordless, AK 3013 in 12 volt Ni-MH or 18 volt Li-Ion
Technical data
TYPE 1 TYPE 1 S1001N-1
Item. No. 62510 61010-1
steel; 400 N/mm²; mm 1.3 1.3
stainless steel; 600 N/mm²; mm 1.0 1.0
stainless steel; 800 N/mm²; mm 0.7 0.7
aluminium; 250 N/mm²; mm 2.0 2.0
tightest radius; ; mm 100 100
weight; ; kg 0.6 1.6
lead; ; mm 3.0 3.0
Board etc.; ; mm 2.0
PVC, ABS, PP, etc; ; mm 2.0
Polyester, GFK, Formica, etc; ; mm 2.0
Maximum Hubzahl; ; min-1 2000 - 3800
strokes minimal; ; min-1 1200
Wear & tear parts TYPE 1
knife-pin set BG12555 Quotation
knife 01001 Quotation
set of jaws BG10600 Quotation
Optional accessories TYPE 1
support roller plastic BG10076 Quotation
Additional equipment TYPE 1
adjustable guide S/01 up to 100 mm 10059 Quotation
adjustable guide S/01 up to 250 mm 10060 Quotation
adjustable guide S/01 up to 500 mm 10061 Quotation
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