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Metal Shear SD5-1

up to 1.0 mm steel

The SD5-1 is a very manoeuvrable shear and can make short turns (smallest inner radius 50 mm).
This is therefore the ideal schear for zinc processors, interior construction, body shops, garage companies and damage repair!

For example, perfect for the installation of sunroofs or in the ceiling construction for the installation of spotlights.

Knives and jaws can be reground. These light, compact and robust schears are used both in assembly and in mass production by means of linear guide systems can be used.

For more capacity see type SD7-1.

In quotation cart
  • short curves possible
  • ideal for tinsmiths and body-coach workshops
  • ideal for sheet metalwork
  • installation of car sun roofs
  • support-roller keeps the shear flat
  • acoustic ceiling metal tiles, lighting fixtures
  • cutting extruded and formed shapes
  • U-,C- and L- profiles
  • cuts without distortion or straightening of formed parts
  • burr free cutting
  • no finishing of the edges is required
  • accurate cutting along a marked line
  • single-side trimming is possible
  • working speed up to 9 m/min
  • cutting of U-,C- and L-profiles
  • clear view to scribed line or template
  • long life tool
  • easy, one hand, operation
  • simple and safe to use
  • noise under limit regulations
  • insulated and suppressed motor

Machine also available as:

  •  pneumatic, type 1910 
  • 12 volt cordless,  type AK 3010 Ni-MH 
  • 18 volt cordless, type AK 3010 Li-Ion
Technical data
SD5-1 SD5-1 SD7-1S1001N-1
Item. No. 61000-1 6104761010-1
steel; 400 N/mm²; mm 1.0 2.01.3
stainless steel; 600 N/mm²; mm 0.7 1.51.0
stainless steel; 800 N/mm²; mm 0.4 1.30.7
aluminium; 250 N/mm²; mm 1.5 3.02.0
tightest radius; ; mm 50 50100
working speed; ; m/min 9 59
strokes; ; min-1 3900 22003900
motor capacity; ; Watt 300 500300
weight; ; kg 1.6 1.81.6
lead; ; mm 3.0 3.0
Wear & tear parts SD5-1
knife 01011 Quotation
set of jaws bg13574/1 Quotation
knife-pin set bg12555 Quotation
Optional accessories SD5-1
metal-box 18000 Quotation
support roller BG10076 Quotation
Additional equipment SD5-1
adjustable guide S/01 up to 100 mm 10059 Quotation
adjustable guide S/01 up to 250 mm 10060 Quotation
adjustable guide S/01 up to 500 mm 10061 Quotation
Quick-helix drill 8-20 mm HW72049 Quotation
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