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Cordless Radius Seam Metal Shear AK 3514-7R Ni-MH

up to 2.0 mm, or 4x0.75 mm steel

Cold cutting without flying sparks! Ideal for cutting recesses in spiral ducts and sheets of all kinds. Cuts straight and tight radii in sheets and even over seams.

Ideal for air and climate technology, installation companies, truck workshops, metalworking companies etc.

Round holes in (spiro) tubes, connections in (spiro) tubes, splitting of(spiro) tubes, aluminum tear sheet processing.

The 12 Volt cordless metal shear 5-pcs. craftsmen set consists of: 1 cordless shear AK 3514-7R Ni-MH,  2 batteries MXL12, 1 charger RC and 1 transportbox.

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Technical data
AK 3514-7R Ni-MH AK 3514-7R Ni-MH AK 3520 Ni-MHAK 3514-2 Ni-MH
Item. No. 351473 35203351423
steel; 400 N/mm²; mm 2.0 2.02.0
stainless steel; 600 N/mm²; mm 1.3 1.31.3
stainless steel; 800 N/mm²; mm 1.0 1.01.0
aluminium; 250 N/mm²; mm 2.5 2.52.5
lead; ± ; mm 4.0 4.04.0
tightest radius; ± ; mm 45 200200
working speed;± ; m/min 4 44
strokes; ± ;min-1 1800 18001800
Seams;400 N/mm²;mm 4x0,75 4x0.75
Wear & tear parts AK 3514-7R Ni-MH
knife 371401 Quotation
set of jaws BG37222 Quotation
knife-pin set BG35055 Quotation
Optional accessories AK 3514-7R Ni-MH
transport-box 42861 Quotation
Charger RC (60 min.) 12V/230V 3129 Quotation
Battery MXL 12 31298S3 Quotation
Charger SRU for USA/CDN 12V/115V 31301 Quotation
Additional equipment AK 3514-7R Ni-MH
adjustable guide S/01 up to 100 mm 10059 Quotation
adjustable guide S/01 up to 250 mm 10060 Quotation
adjustable guide S/01 up to 500 mm 10061 Quotation
support roller (metal) BG10077 Quotation
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