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Cable Pipe HDPE Slitter 3500

Ideal for cutting open plastic pipes and plastic tanks in longitudinal and transverse directions. Cutting capacity in HDPE up to a wall thickness of 6 mm. With the small knife depth, there is no damage to the internal logistics or cables.

Stationary work is possible by clamping the flat sides of the shear head in the vise.

Strip cutters in lengths of 100, 250 and 500 mm are optionally available.

Also ideal for waste disposal and low-residue emptying of tanks and barrels.

In quotation cart
  • cutting capacity in plastics up to 6 mm material, for example: HDP pipes
  • easy, one hand, operation
  • simple and safe to use
  • insulated and suppressed motor
  • accurate straight cutting due to guide pin
  • clear view to scribed line or template
  • long life tool
  • low maintenance
  • knife does not damage fibre optic cables
  • straight longitudinally cuts due to guide pin behind the knife

Also available:

  •  18 volt cordless version AK 3000 Li-Ion
Technical data
3500 3500
Item. No. 61330
tightest radius; ; mm 175
working speed; ; m/min 5
strokes; ; min-1 2400
motor capacity; ; Watt 500
weight; ; kg 2
Board etc.; ; mm 5.0
PVC, ABS, PP, etc; ; mm 3.5
Polyester, GFK, Formica, etc; ; mm 3.0
HDPE; ; mm 6.0
cardboard etc.; ; mm 6.0
Wear & tear parts 3500
knife-pin set BG12555 Quotation
Knife for 3500, AK3000 30068 Quotation
Set of jaws for 3500, AK 3000 BG30074 Quotation
Guide pin 30078 Quotation
Optional accessories 3500
metal-box 18000 Quotation
Additional equipment 3500
Guide S/02 up to 100 mm 20062 Quotation
Guide S/02 up to 250 mm 20063 Quotation
Guide S/02 up to 500 mm 20064 Quotation