Shears for plastics Recycling
Plastic Shears

Pneumatic Plastic Shear 1950

especially for plastics

Ideal for use in interior design, decor construction, window dressing, trade fair construction, aircraft construction, body construction, acoustics, joineries and much more.

Splinter-free cutting of all plastic sheets such as Pk-tex, Textolite, Formica, Perstorp, Ultrapas, Resopal, Celamin, Hornitex, Getalit, Novatex, Thermopal, Tacon etc. **

Fiber-free and low-dust cutting of hardboard, Pavatex, Renovite, cardboard, Masonit, Silvacolor, Hornitex, Glasal etc. **

In addition, cold cutting of Inlaid, linoleum, veneer, Deliflex, Mipolam, PVC, glass fiber reinforced polyester (low dust!) etc. **


** Partially registered trademarks

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  • Air consumption at 6 bar / min: 0.18 m3
  • Motor rated power: 200 watts
  • Noise level: 78.2 db (A)
  • Shear head identical to S1002N-1

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Technical data
1950 1950
Item. No. 62220-1
tightest radius; ; mm 175
working speed; ; m/min 7
strokes; ;min-1 3000
air-consumption at 6 bar/min.; ; m³ +/- 0.18
motor capacity; ; Watt 200
weight; ; kg 1.3
noise; ; db (A) 78
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