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Corrugated-electric Nibbler 1213-1

up to 1.3 mm sheet steel, crosswise and angle cut of corrugated materials

The agile "trapeze artist" 1213Z is also ideal for tiled roof profiles made of steel. The tiled roof profiles can be cut straight and curved to the facade. The DRÄCO trapeze artist offers the necessary quality and safety in construction up to 85 mm profile depth/height.

Optionally, a replaceable profile set for profile depths of up to 160 mm is available (item no. 12160005). Easy tool change with "Quick IN'OUT" quick change system.

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  • extremely maneuverable, easy operation
  • fast, safe cutting of corrugated, trapezoidal and square sheet profiles
  • high cutting capacity
  • chips ejected below material, guarantees clear, unimpeded view of the working area and the cutting line
  • cuts all materials that can be punched, such as mild steel, stainless steel, aluminum, non ferrous metals and plasticsOptimum ease of use, excellent maneuverability and curve-going.
  • High cutting speed for rapid work
  • Tool free adjustment of the working direction in steps of 45°
  • long life tools
  • superior, emission-free operation
  • free from sparks or heating
  • no damage or scratch marks to painted or coated materials
  • Simple tool changing without requiring re-adjustment.
Technical data
1213-1 1213-1 1216-1
Item. No. 61203-1 61207-1
steel; 400 N/mm²; mm 1.3 1.6
stainless steel; 600 N/mm²; mm 0.8 1.0
stainless steel; 800 N/mm²; mm 0.6 0.7
aluminium; 250 N/mm²; mm 2.0 2.5
tightest radius; ; mm 30 35
working speed; ; m/min 1.8 1.9
motor capacity; ; Watt 350 350
weight; ; kg 1.8 1.8
strokes; ;min-1 1500 1500
depth of profiles; ;mm 85 85
Wear & tear parts 1213-1
punch 12130002 Quotation
die 12130003 Quotation
Optional accessories 1213-1
metal-box 18000 Quotation
profile set 160 12160005 Quotation
Additional equipment 1213-1
nibbling oil (bottle 1 kg) 20198 Quotation
nibbling oil (spray 0,5L) 20199 Quotation
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