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Multi-bender SET MB7: Multi-Bender 200 SET incl. 7 forming rollers

Ideal device for beading sheet metal and folded or pre-profiled material with interchangeable forming rollers.

Beading or offset depth (depending on the form roller type) up to approx. 3.5 mm. (You will find exact information in the technical description of the respective form rollers.) See Downloads.

The Multi-Bender 200 is a lightweight, portable device with manual drive. Ideal for beading sheet metal and folded or pre-profiled material as well as trimming.

The manual feed of the top roller, as well as the side folding wings, allow a sensitive processing of the workpieces and the machining of complex shapes. The workpiece is guided not only by a stop plate, but also by running vertically arranged hard guide rollers and ball bearings, which ensure the repeatability of recurring workpieces.

This set contains:

  • Multi-Bender MB200
  • 7 pair of chosable forming rollers
  • Handle
  • Guidance device
  • in a practical transport box

For specifications of forming rollers see "technical data", or downloads leaflet 

In quotation cart
  • free suitcase with equipped device
  • interchangeable form roller
  • Beading or offset depth up to approx. 3.5 mm
  • laterally folding guide wings. for comfortable editing of straight lines and curves
  • Bending height from 44 to 244 mm
Technical data
Multi-Bender 200 SET incl. 7 forming rollers Multi-Bender 200 SET incl. 7 forming rollers Multi-Bender 200 Panel Beader PB 200R
Item. No. 91780Set7 9178091901
steel; 400 N/mm²; mm 0.8 0.8 0.7
stainless steel; 600 N/mm²; mm 0.5 0.5 0.5
Zinc, Copper, Aluminium 1.0 1.0 1.0
Bends from - to 44 - 244 44 - 244
EAN 4250959699657 4250959609199 4250959609250
Optional accessories Multi-Bender 200 SET incl. 7 forming rollers
Pair of rolls #1 AS, offsetting 1 9179001 Quotation
Pair of rolls #2 SF12, flat beading ½" (12.5 mm) 9179002 Quotation
Pair of rolls #3 VS, offsetting 2 9179003 Quotation
Pair of rolls #4 AB, bending 9179004 Quotation
Pair of rolls #5 SRS, round bead, symmetric 9179005 Quotation
Pair of rolls #6 SF25, flat beading, 1" (25 mm) 9179006 Quotation
Pair of rolls #7 SRA, beading circularly, asymmetric 9179007 Quotation
Pair of rolls #8 SV90, beading, V-shape 90º 9179008 Quotation
Pair of rolls #9 SV45, beading, V-shape 45º 9179009 Quotation
Pair of rolls #10 SR, cutting rollers 9179010 Quotation
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