Type of machine
Roof & Wall

Automatic Power Seamer K9-1-WAD

Multifunctional Power Seamer K9-1-WAD is a new combination of DRÄCO patented functions all together. 
New is the variable speed control to close panels in Summer or in Winter time, (ideal in combination with the Winter Set K9-1-WS (optional), especially at low outside temperatures.) The K9-1-WAD can be used for forward and reverse operation, in combination with the dual safety switch, which stops the machine automatically, at the end of the panel or against an obstruction. SAFETY FIRST ON SITE IS OUR ENDEAVOUR. A remote for forward and reverse control is available, to close panels at the façade or wall as an optimal extra.

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  • for double lock seaming in one pass
  • two additional rolls K9-1-WR for single lock seaming
  • sheet metal, aluminum, copper, zinc weathered or coated up to 0,8 mm; stainless steel up to 0,5 mm
  • adjustable for seam heights 25-60 mm
  • clean transition at cross seams by using variable pressure adjustment K9-1-ASS
  • working speed 5,5-13 m/min. up the wall and on the roof
  • maintenance-free, safe operation
  • no damage to painted or coated sheets
  • can be used or removed in the middle of a seam (preliminary hand-seaming required)
  • accessory: dual safety switch for safe operation at the wall and roof. The Power Seamer stops utomatically at the end of the seam, against a wall or obstruction
  • barrel curved roofs can be seamed using single or double lock system to the minimum radius 1,2 m
  • seam cutting can be accomplished by using cutting rolls K9-1-AR for roof and wall renovation and repairs
Technical data
K9-1-WAD K9-1-WAD K9-1
Item. No. 91565-1 91560-1
aluminium, copper, zinc, steel; ; mm 0,8 0,8
stainless steel; ; mm 0,5 0,5
seam height; ; mm 25-60 25-60
working speed; ; m/min 5-13 5-13
weight; ; kg 22 21
capacity; ; kW/ V 1150 1150
material thickness; ; mm 0,8 0,8
Wear & tear parts K9-1-WAD
Drive Roll 0.1 or 0.2 BGK906330 Quotation
Optional accessories K9-1-WAD
Remote Control K9-1-KF 12 (12 meter) 91660-12 Quotation
Remote Control K9-1-KF 18 (18 meter) 91660-18 Quotation
Remote Control K9-1-KF 25 (25 meter) 91660-25 Quotation
Winterset K9-1-WS 91640-1 Quotation
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