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Automatic Power Seamer for single seam K9-1-GWS

Two forming stations for single lock seam on walls, façades and barrel curved roofs. Minimum radius 0,6 meter.

Switch for forward and reverse allows running up and down the seam for one man operation. sheet metal, aluminium, copper, zinc weathered or coated up to 0,8 mm; stainless steel up to 0,5 mm

  • adjustable for seam heights 25-60 mm
  • clean transition at cross seams by using variable pressure adjustment K9-ASS; also necessary for harder materials
  • working speed up to 13 m/min. up the wall and on the roof
  • light weight, only 16 kg
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  • Forward and backword working!
  • Enormous time savings
  • No unnecessary or additional ways
  • Iron sheet, aluminum, zinc and copper up to 0.8 mm. V2A up to 0.5mm
  • Coated and uncoated shares are closed without damaging the surface
  • Profile heights from 25 mm to 60 mm
  • Speed ​​at roof and facade: 5.5 - 13 m / min
  • Smooth transitions at clips and cleats and even in cross-fold overlaps through the use of cup spring technology (the K9-1-GWS adapts to the thicknes of the seam)
  • Can be used in the middle of the fold and also removable
  • Works vertically on the facade
  • Cable remote control optionally available
Technical data
K9-1-GWS K9-1-GWS K9-1
Item. No. 91580-1 91560-1
aluminium, copper, zinc, steel; ; mm 0,8 0,8
stainless steel; ; mm 0,5 0,5
seam height; ; mm 25-60 25-60
working speed; ; m/min 5-13 5-13
weight; ; kg 17 21
capacity; ; kW/ V 1150 1150
Optional accessories K9-1-GWS
Remote Control K9-1-KF 12 (12 meter) 91660-12 Quotation
Remote Control K9-1-KF 18 (18 meter) 91660-18 Quotation
Remote Control K9-1-KF 25 (25 meter) 91660-25 Quotation
Winterset K9-1-WS 91640-1 Quotation
Dual-safety-switch K9-1-DF 91605-1 Quotation
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