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Roller Conveyors
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Expanding Roller Conveyor K25-SBR

Expanding Roller Conveyors are needed for loading and unloading or for storage. Due to light weight it can be moved to different locations and does not need a lot of space when folded together. The conveyor has a slight fall 2-5%, therefore all boxes or panels for roofs can be easy transported into the van or a truck.

The Expanding Roller conveyors are easy to install for length and height. Therefore the employee is able to work ergonomically, to load or unload panels or other goods from the truck.

For the Arch Bending Machine a lower model in height of 450 – 600 mm is available and can be used for the Pan former Profima 25, also.

The Conveyors can be connected with hooks to each other.

In quotation cart
  • ergonomic working heights
  • adjustable height from 550-900 mm
  • expands up to 5500 mm
  • storage length 1400 mm
Technical data
K25-SBR K25-SBR K25-SBR, hoogte 450-800 mm K25-SBW, hoogte 550-900 mm K25-SBW, hoogte 450-800 mm
Item. No. 91480 914819148591486
diameter of the rolls; ; mm 50 50 50 50
width; ; mm 400 400 500 500
height; ; mm 550-900 450-800 550-900 450-800
length; ; mm 1400-5500 1400-550 3000-7000 1650-4000
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