Type of machine
Roof & Wall

Coil-Lifter up to 1000 kg K1-WSK 100

The coil-lifter K1-WSK 100 takes up little space when folded together. The coil-lifter can be erected without tools. To lift the coil up use hand pump, through a hand drain valve the crane can be lowered precisely. The crane arm is 4 times adjustable and has two parking and two steering castors made of polyamide.

  • capacity max. = 1000 kg
  • weight = 115 kg
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  • for use in the workshop and on the construction site
  • to hoist coils in the coil carriage
  • to transport machines
  • to load and unload vehicles
  • simple and safe to use
Technical data
K1-WSK 100 K1-WSK 100
Item. No. 91320
weight; ; kg 115
capacity; ;kg 300-1000
Additional equipment K1-WSK 100
decoiler up to 2 tons; K1-CW/100 91201 Quotation
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