Type of machine
Roof & Wall

Lengths wise device K1-LSE125

To complete the slitter attachmet all DRÄCO Schears of the 35..... S1 series (special versions with hole for side guide), as well as the cordless versions, can be used.

We advice to use the seam metal shear 3514-2 S1 (230V or 115V), or the equivalent cordless shear AK 3514-2 S1 (12V).

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Technical data
K1-LSE125 K1-LSE125 K1-LSE100 K1-LSE150
Item. No. 91269 9126891270
width; ; mm 1250 1000 1500
pull capacity ±; ; kg 750 kg 750 750
weight; ; kg 10 10 12
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