Type of machine
Roof & Wall

Coil Trolley K1-AG125

  • easy transportation without danger of coils up to 1500 mm width
  • simple & easy decoiling

Combine the coil trolley with the coil holder (incl. guide) K1-AGb125. The coil holder is indispensable for the transport of small coils and the exact infeed of the coil (for example to a profiling machine) is achieved with the lateral coil rail.

In quotation cart

capacity = 200 kg
weight = 28 kg

Technical data
K1-AG125 K1-AG125 K1-AG100
Item. No. 91281 91280
length; ; mm 1250 1000
pull capacity ±; ; kg 250 kg 250 kg
weight; ; kg 26 24
Additional equipment K1-AG125
Coilbelt K1-CSg 91277 Quotation
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