Type of machine
Roof & Wall

Decoiling & Cross Cut Attachment K1-150AQ

The Slitter Attachment K1-AQ can be fitted to any DRÄCO Decoiler or can be mounted on to a workbench.

The corresponding suspension is optional. Please state the purpose of use: table mounting or mounting on the coil trolley.

Optional also available with mechanical measuring device K1-LAQ.

width = 1500 mm
advised coil-width = 1250 mm

In quotation cart
  • rubber transportation rolls for a better grip
  • wheel for forward & reverse transportation of the coil-material with clamping device
  • collars adjustable for coil width
  • cutting rolls can be re-sharpened
  • ball bearings are maintenance free
Technical data
K1-150AQ K1-150AQ K1-100AQ K1-125AQ
Item. No. 91255-2 91251-291252-2
stainless steel; ; mm 0.5 0.5 0.5
pull capacity ±; ; kg 750 750 750
aluminium, copper, zinc; ; mm 1.0 1.0 1.0
weight; ; kg 39 32 36
Coil width, max.; ;mm 1250 800 1000
Optional accessories K1-150AQ
Stainless Steel support for K1-AQ (2 pcs) BGC300225 Quotation
Supporting legs for K1-AQ (1 pair) BGC300218 Quotation
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