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Rol-Bender Duo-VARIO-Bender DVB200

Everyone knows this. You want to put material that is a bit thicker and it is not possible because the material does not fit between the rollers. You and the bender are strong enough, but the material just does not fit. That is past tense. Now there is the new VARIO bender VB200. With the infinitely adjustable top roller you will be able to bend thicker plate up to 2.0 mm light metal or even 5 mm lead.

Dräco Duo benders are unique because of the adapter system. Two tools can be combined by an adapter. The Duo's slide easily through long sheets, but if need to work on shorter sheets and need to put more detail work in it, it might be better to screw off the adapter and work with a single tool. Because you get two single tools two collegues can continue working with the benders.

How does it work?

Very simple. The following applies to all benders: Set the desired height by means of graduation and secure with the adjusting screw. Insert the material between the bending bearings, with the single ball bearing pointing in the direction to be set. Now move the Bender, with gentle pressure upwards, in front of and back through the material until the desired angle is reached. The result is precise and the material is not damaged.

Benefits of roll forming:

  • Flexible manufacturing process
  • Easy customization and freedom when it comes to giving shape to a profiled section even at the jobsite
  • Shorter travelling time
  • The required tools are small and affordable
  • Shorter production times imply prompt delivery and a faster completion of the job
  • Optimal leverage making work even more easy
  • economic price
  • etc.


Aluminum, Copper, Zinc          mm 2.0
Steel 400 N / mm²                   mm 0.7
Stainless steel 600N / mm²     mm 0.5
Lead                                        mm 4.0  

Depending on user max.capacites might be different

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Technical data
Duo-VARIO-Bender DVB200 Duo-VARIO-Bender DVB200 VARIO-Bender VB200
Item. No. 91545S8 91545S6
steel; 400 N/mm²; mm 0.7 0.7
stainless steel; 600 N/mm²; mm 0.5 0.5
Zinc, Copper, Aluminium 2.0 2.0
Bends from - to 5 - 200 5 - 200
EAN 4250959699909 4250959614964
Additional equipment Duo-VARIO-Bender DVB200
Adapter for EcO-Bender (version 2021) 91549-1 Quotation
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