Bender sort
Disc-Benders Rol-Benders
90°-180° 0°-90°
Bender version
Sets Uni
200 mm 25 mm
Type of machine
Roof & Wall

Rolbender SET 3: EcO-Bender & Disc-Bender & BKK 25

For applications see single tools.
Many more options will be gained when using all three tools in addition or in combination.
For example:

  • flashings
  • angular sheets with water seam
  • battens
  • hems
  • sheets for verges
  • etc.

Dräco tip: If you wish to have other benders in a set just let us know and you will get your customized set

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Benefits of roll forming:

  • Flexible manufacturing process
  • Easy customization and freedom when it comes to giving shape to a profiled section even at the jobsite
  • Shorter travelling time
  • The required tools are small and affordable
  • Shorter production times imply prompt delivery and a faster completion of the job
  • Optimal leverage making work even more easy
  • economic price
  • etc.
Technical data
SET 3: EcO-Bender & Disc-Bender & BKK 25 SET 3: EcO-Bender & Disc-Bender & BKK 25 EcO-Bender & Disc-Bender SET
Item. No. 91545SET 91545SET2
Zinc, Copper, Aluminium 1.0 0.8
Bends from - to 5 - 200 5 - 200
EAN 4250959604798 4250959614988
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