Type of machine
50 mm
benders 0°-90°
Roof & Wall

Rol-Bender Flange- and Curve Bender BKK 50

bending from 0°-90°, bending height 5-50 mm

When standard benders give up the handy little flange- and curve bender BKK 50 made by DRÄCO are needed. Bending from 0º till 90º, straight, concave and convex. Light and handy. Especially for producing tight radii (inner and outer radii!). Bending height is continously adjustable (scale in mm & inch). Smallest inside radius at min. bending height is 40 mm (1,57“). The BKK is the ideal supplement to the Dräco Eco-Bender 3.

How does it work?
Very easy. Just adjust to the requested height by using the integrated measuring device and lock it with the setscrew. Now put sheet metal between bending rolls with the single bearing on top. Move BKK forward and backwards by moving slightly to the top until desired angle is reached.
Dräco’s tip:  When going trough the sheet metal, please go all the way down (till the end) and also all the way back (till the beginning) to create the best result.

Benefits of roll forming:

  • Flexible manufacturing process
  • Easy customization and freedom when it comes to giving shape to a profiled section even at the jobsite
  • Shorter travelling time
  • The required tools are small and affordable
  • Shorter production times imply prompt delivery and a faster completion of the job
  • Optimal leverage making work even more easy
  • economic price
  • etc.
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BKK 50:

  • bends up from 0º to 90º
  • for bending curved sheet metal
  • especially for producing tight radii (inner and outer radii!)
  • bending height is continously adjustable (graduation in mm and inch)
  • max. bending height: 50 mm (2 inches)
  • min. bending height: 5 mm (0,2 inches)
  • smallest inside radius at min. bending height: 40 mm (1,57 inches)
Technical data
Flange- and Curve Bender BKK 50 Flange- and Curve Bender BKK 50 Flens- en bochtenbender BKK 25 Mini-Bender 200 EcO-Bender3/200 met handvat
Item. No. 91540S1 915409154491545
Zinc, Copper, Aluminium 1.0 1.0 1.0 1.0
Bends from - to 5 - 50 5 - 25 5 - 200 5 - 200
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