New, the Dräco Duo-Mono-Bender

New, the Dräco Duo-Mono-Bender

The uniqueness of our benders has always been their divisibility.

In order to be able to offer Duo-Benders at a more attractive price we now also produce the Duo-Mono-Bender.

The new DUO-MONO-Bender is not divisible but consists of one piece.
(duo=double; mono=one piece)

Available in lengths of 200 and 350 mm and in 90° or 100° versions.

Duo-Mono-Bender 3/200 
Duo-Mono-Bender 3/350

Duo-Mono-Bender 4/200 
Duo-Mono-Bender 4/350


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