How about a pink bender for Easter?

How about a pink bender for Easter?

Treat yourself, your employee, or a friend with a EcO-Bender 2/300 PINK EDITION!

Be the envy of all your collegues and due to the strinking color you're always the first to find your tool at site or at the workplace.

Universal mobile bending tool to bend and form all kind of materials straight, concave or convex. With 4 guide rollers the EcO-Bender offers you a stabil guidance and an easy handling. This bender forms many profiles. Bending up and down, making under and over cloak (male and female), standing seam and many more.

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EcO-Bender 3/200 PINK EDITION

Make it a set for even more design alternatives:
EcO-Bender set 3 PINK EDITION

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